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The Importance Of Goals

During October 2012, I had the pleasure of giving 3 trainings on goal settings to the top leaders of Sophie Paris Vietnam.

I started the training by making a bold statement, “during this training I will show you how you can get everything you want, faster than you ever thought was possible. If I was given only five minutes to speak to you today, and I could convey only one thought that help you to become more successful, I would tell you this: “Write down your goals, make a plan to achieve them, and work on your plans every single day.”

I then continued to take the participants through a hands-on workshop where they were told about the importance of writing down and defining their goals and how to achieve their goals and how to overcome obstacles in life.

Write Down Your Goals:
“Start by writing down exactly you what you want”, I told them. Why? “Because you need to find your purpose in life” I continued. Once you know exactly what you want it is possible to achieve it. Success comes by choice – not by chance, I added.

A Dream Is Not A Goal:
I asked the participants what their goals was, they all said things such as “to make more money”, “to have fun” and “to have a house or a car”. I then told them that were just dreams, and most likely they would not fulfill them since they are not specific enough nor did they come with a deadline. Instead, I told them to further define what exactly they want and then give it a deadline. As Brian Tracy said “Goals in writing are dreams with deadlines”, I added.

Why People Don’t Set Goals:
I explained that the most people in the world do not set goals because they think that goals are not important. They also do not know how to set and write their goals as well as that they are scared that they will not achieve them. Join The 3% That Has Set Goals: I then demonstrated how to set goals and join the 3% in the world that has done that. I told them to write their goals in presence tense and with a specific deadline as well as to start each goal with “I”. I gave them one example “I earn as a Distributor VND 50,000,000 from Sophie Paris each month by July 1, 2013.” I then invited all participants to write down their goals in this format. I encouraged them to write at least one specific area for each key part of their lives, including:

1. Income
2. Family & relationship
3. Financial situation
4. Health and fitness

How To Achieve Goals:
I told the leaders to use future orientation to achieve their goals. They were encouraged to think and talk about where they are going in the future on all their key areas of their lives. The way to make it happen is to make a list of things to do, prioritize that list, make it into a plan and then, most importantly to take action on that plan immediately. “You are advised to do something every day towards your major goals” I guided them.

Overcome obstacles:
I then shared with them that life is full of obstacles and challenges. Within every obstacle or difficulty, there is an opportunity or benefit. It is up to you to learn more to come over your difficulties and then enjoy the rewards that come with it. The only real limits to what you can achieve are the ones that you put on yourself by your own doubts and fears.

My Goals:
I ended the training session by demonstrating how goal setting had worked for me in my life. I wrote 5,5 years ago a goal to become General Director within five years, a goal that I achieved in just three years despite many obstacles along the way. I also wrote a goal to have a child, a goal I achieved in two years (my son Percy now being 3,5 years old), and now I am working on my goal to reach perfect and healthy weight along with several other key goals. “If goals work for me, they will work for you too. See you @ the top!” I ended.

The participants in Hanoi, Danang and Ho Chi Minh City all enjoyed the training session and said that it was very useful for both their personal development as well as their career with Sophie Paris.

One of the Ho Chi Minh City leaders, Ms Dao Luong, said “Actually, I had my goals and objectives already before, but I had never written them down in detail, and therefore, I never achieved them. Now, thanks to Nick’s great training, I have finally fully understood the meaningfulness and importance of goal setting. I have from today promised myself to become a Silver President by December 2012, and achieve other specific goals that I wrote down during the training. I will work on my action plan every day to make my life more satisfying!” Photos from the training course at the Head Office – HCMC

Ms. Mai Pham, a leader in Danang, expressed “What Nick said has impressed me deeply. Right in this afternoon, I am soon planning a clear goal and objective that help myself to be better, right here with Sophie Paris”.

Ms Van Mai, a member in Hanoi also said “I have red several types of motivation books before, but this was the first time I am aware about the importance of planning and writing down what is my mind and what I want to achieve in life. I am regretting the past time was a kind of waste, but from now, every minute counts to me.”

Nick’s training was inspired by his five years of MLM experience as well as from the book Being the Best in MLM by MLM guru John Kalench and the book Goals by Brian Tracy.

Welcome to my blog

Dear all,

This is my fist ever blog post, but not the last. I will from now on share my learning’s here. It will be focused on personal and career development including goal setting, the law of attraction, motivation, inspiration, leadership, direct selling and other related areas. I will put up photos, videos, share quotes etc. Hope that you keep an eye out for this space!

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